Login time out

@Dmitriy can you solve that?

Well, IF you want devs to step in, I think it would be good to provide them a bit more info :wink:
Perhaps some serial output after enabling:
#define BLYNK_DEBUG ??

Without any useful info it would be quite hard to help any further…

guys i notice 30 mins ago that my ping is 153 ms
is that a problem? @Dmitriy
thx for support

I’m better then! 250-500ms :stuck_out_tongue: (on GSM connection). And everything works…

how du u live man LOL

can u send your code plz?

My code? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

of your project, you said everything works

plz nay1 help?

It’s by no means secret, of course! I have it on another PC. I could create a Blynk project example, but It is just a test code to try the GSM connection stability and different library functions. If you wish, I can put it on forum…

Please stop tagging the developers… they already see all the posts and if there is something they need to comment on, they will. Meanwhile whatever your issue is will not be magicly solved by repeatedly asking for help…

…or asking for code, that incidentally wouldn’t work for you anyhow as it is for a GSM module (cellular connection) :wink:

There is plenty of working example codes in the Sketch Builder. And lots of explanation on how to get started and/or troubleshoot in the Help Center papers as well.

That is fine.

Can you add in the BLYNK_DEBUG to your sketch and show the output?

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