Locked out

Not been able to connect in via the App since yesterday. Was logged in via Facebook but I see that’s now gone

Can’t create a new login (already registered), password reset takes me dodgy looking page with just an IP address ( Password reset doesn’t work???

Also now see the new version and offers, you could at least have pushed a notification to the existing app users? Not sure how I’m meant to have seen this without following on here

iOS app?




I get the password reset email fine, but then can’t login. “Authentication failed. Please check your credentials”. Tried typing in the password, also copying it from my saved passwords in chrome when resetting it

What version of the Legacy (Blynk 0.1) app are you using?


Not sure how to tell on iOS. Assuming 2.26.7 as there are no more updates


Not logged in so don’t have those pages

Have you tried deleting the app and re-installing?


That worked, thanks!