Local Server SMS/Push Notification not working

I have finally signed up for a Nexmo trial account and have some credit… and I have created the sms.properties file and entered the correct key and secret. I’ve also added the widget.

Yet no notifications are being sent?
How can I troubleshoot this?

Do you see some errors blynk.log?

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08:07:36.928 ERROR - Error sending push. Reason MismatchSenderId

in user logs i have these

2016-09-11 08:07:37.580 ERROR - Only 1 notification per 60000 milliseconds is allowed
2016-09-11 08:07:37.582 ERROR - Only 1 notification per 60000 milliseconds is allowed
2016-09-11 08:07:38.579 ERROR - Only 1 notification per 60000 milliseconds is allowed
2016-09-11 08:07:38.580 ERROR - Only 1 notification per 60000 milliseconds is allowed

I thought it was 15 seconds?

Do you send sms or push?

Look like you do not use latest server or you have server.properties that overrides defaults…

Whats the difference? Not sure what you mean?

Ahh yes new v0.18.0 but using the server properties example file which I guess is outdated lol

Sms is sms, push is push notificastions. Pushes works over internet, sms via GSM networks.


are different commands.

Okay, this is not very well documented then.

Infact, since reading your message, ive searched both the docs page, and the github server readme and im still confused.

As far as I can see… local servers can only do Blynk.sms() and NOT Blynk.notify() ?

They can do notify. I use it with local server without problems :slight_smile:

In fairness it’s not documented because they are terms used every day by Joe public.
The public has been sending SMS messages via GSM networks for perhaps 20 years and receiving PUSH messages to their Smartphone via the internet for 10 years.

As stated by @Lichtsignaal local servers do send PUSH (notify) messages.

For Android only…

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What I meant by not well documented is that Blynk.sms() isn’t mentioned ANYWHERE in any of the documenation.
Starting from the “push notification widget” documentation, I managed to find my way to the github, blynk-server readme about how to set up the “Push notifications widget” on local server, BUT the only info I could find about anything to do with “notifications” (sms or push) was the section about adding Nexmo SMS to your sms.properties file.
This is the confusing part. There is no defining bit of info detailing the two difference types of notification systems available.

Ahh there lies the issue then… im using iOS.

@Dmitriy maybe the forum can display Smartphone type next to the username? Many of us forget that some people don’t use Android.

@Dmitriy, I changed Blynk.notifiy() to Blynk.sms() and now Im getting some new errors in the logs

2016-09-11 08:48:00.179 ERROR - User has no access phone number provided.

Oh, yeah… I forgot this. We didn’t release sms widget. And this feature requires it :unamused:

@jamin once Blynk’s email system is back to normal you might want to look at email to SMS gateways.

Quite easy to set up and reasonably priced. There is a thread on the forum.

We use http://www.textlocal.com/

So currently, only email is the notification available to local server users on iOS?

@Jamin mmm. yes. I think we can release sms widget if @Pavel will provide icon :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately New Zealand is small and there is only one available service which costs $250 a month (for business only).
I have $2.25 credit on Nexmo which I’ll use until the Push Notifications are setup for iOS.