Local Server SMS/Push Notification not working

@Jamin the benefit of SMS is that they are delivered without an internet connection so you might want an email to SMS gateway even when PUSH is made available for iOS.

Internet has 100% up time over the last 24 months so not worried about that. Also Push Notifications will be free lol

@Jamin you have internet coverage everywhere in NZ?

SMS goes places PUSH doesn’t and that is one reason there is a cost.

Yup! Everywhere. NZ is small (only about 200km across and every city/town has fiber/4G now).
Im in Auckland which is where 40% of the total population lives. We have 4G and Gigabit Fiber which reaches all parts of the greater county area.

I was thinking outside the towns and cities.

@Jamin as quick workaround for sms you may also hack your profile. You can add sms widget to json file and restart server. It will work. It is not so flexible, but this is possible :slight_smile:.

There is only farm land which city slicker like myself wouldnt be going anywhere near haha…

Could you give me a bit of code or an example on how to do this? I had a look but couldn’t work it out.

All that’s true. The reason for that is - It wasn’t in our roadmap. I just was curious if that possible to make free sms service in nowdays. And look like it is not. So I found cheap provider and test with it. After that it was left as it is.

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To be more precise. All you need is to add

{“id”:432, “to”:“380968342342”, “x”:0, “y”:0, “type”:“SMS”}

to your widgets array in json.

“to” field is phone number.

You have internet on the bus, train, underground, taxi, car …?

Many phones are set to disconnect their internet connection when the phone sleeps.

It depends how important the message is and how “connected” the recipient is but sometimes it makes sense to pay for the message to be delivered.

Not sure why you find this so unbelievable haha…

Yup free wifi on trains, buses and in some taxis like Uber… even free wifi at phone boxes around the city if you dont have data!

I think you are missing the point. The free WiFi phone box is ok but not for PUSH messages.

I think you also missed the point about data being widely available so push notifications will always make it through. Internet in NZ is top notch. Most people have 1-5gb data on their smart phones etc.

Anyway… internet and all that aside… I think push notifcations will be the method I use once it’s available. For now though, il use SMS.

@Dmitriy @Eugene guys any update as to when IOS will support notifications (Blynk.notify) so we can have the same experience as our Android friends ? :wink:

Local servers we’ll be able to send push notifications to iOS app after next iOS major update we’re working on (in a month or so).

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Awesome - looking forward to that update :+1:

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any changes? ios notifications from local servers are a much anticipated feature!!!

Any updates as this still doesn’t work :slight_smile:

Ugh one of those guys…
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Hmhmhmhp, JK mate :smile: