Local Server acces both in network and via DNS redirect

I’m using blynk with local server with dynamic dns and it works perfectly when I’m connected in 4G, but when I’m on the same server’s wifi network, the domain does not connect. I would like it to work with the domain both on the local network and on the internet. Please help me. Thank you!

You router has to support something like local loopback I think it’s called. Some routers don’t do that. In that case you cannot connect via “outside” to your local net. E.g. connecting to the Internet IP from inside.

Since it works from 4G I assume your ports are forwarded properly. Can you tell us which router/modem you have?

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Ahh, and you already have some assistance before I even finished typing :slight_smile:

I was going to point out that your issue in NOT Blynk specific, rather a case of your own networking and methods of connecting to said network. I also use DNS redirection service and even when connected to my LAN, I have no problems connecting to my Local Server with my NO-IP DNS address. I do have my port forwarding setup to redirect any appropriate WAN port connection through to my Local Servers IP/Port.

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