Legacy private server + Node Red

Trying to build a little independence from the vagaries of Blynk marketing. I run 3 private servers today and find them flawless. Should the android OS be updated and Blynk refuse to update the legacy app, what can’t I do with Node Red and the private server. We all have access to the source for the private servers so that should be no long term problem.

You could use the Node-Red dashboard, but that’s not very good as far as functionality is concerned.

You could also push legacy local server data to the new IoT app using Node-Red, but of course you’d need a Blynk IoT subscription for that, which kind of defeats the object of the exercise I guess.

Otherwise, it’s a case of using a different front-end instead of Blynk. I did a lot of research into the various options when Blynk IoT was launched, but nothing worked as well for me as Blynk.

You might also need to consider whether this is going to be an issue…