Legacy app

Blynk just released an update for legacy app. But the description just says what will no longer happen. Did the app update add or fix things? I am suspicious the update will break things.

They will be stopping it for sure. And no new widgets or features will be added. But new registrations will be stopped shortly, forcing everyone towards BlynkIoT/2.0 .

I believe Blynk team is not so cruel :wink: ….

Yes, blynk legacy will be retired at some point so everybody should move to blynk iot and move with the flow.

RIP blynk legacy :disappointed:.

Blynk IOT is more fun. legacy is like antique but easy to use only.


I was surprised when they said that a new Android Legacy release would be issued. Apparently it’s to fix an Android 12 compatibility issue, more info here…


The main changes in the release are:

  • Close the registration on the apps (Logins are still available for the existing accounts)
  • Add support for Android 12, we have to add it mostly for existing users (not all users can migrate and we don’t want them to struggle)

But most likely this is the last update. The next step would be to remove the app from the app store.