Issues with notifications since IOS Update

Hi guys,

my setup working fine since more than 1 year:
arduino mkr1010 -> wifi -> local server -> IOS app on iPhone 10.
I’m running newest library and local server (on raspberry).
IOS version is 13.4.1, also the newest available.

The issue I’m having is with notifications.
Suddenly I didn’t get any notifications anymore.

I can fix it by deleting the notification widget in the app and re-adding it.
After that, I get notifications as expected.
As soon as I close the app (not in background mode, really closing it) and reopen it, notifications are gone. The same if I logout in the app and log back in, the notifications are gone as well.

I installed my arduino code on a different arduino with exactly the same behavior.

I didn’t touch the code on my arduino since more then a year and it used to work just fine.
I think this behavior started after updating to new IOS-Version.

Have you guys experienced similar problems?
Thank you!

There was an issue before, which I flagged-up, but deleting and re-installing the app fixed the issue for me…

What version of the app do you have installed on your phone?
Have you tried the Beta app?


Hi Pete,

App-Version is 2.26.2 (8).
I deleted it and reinstalled it but the behavior stays the same…
Not quite sure how to get the beta app.
Could you point me in that direction?

Tested it in beta version, same issue

Thank you!

@Eugene - one for you maybe?


Hi @StefanFiorese

Saw your feedback via Testflight. But much more helpful would be to have logs from the app. To get the logs, please do the following:

1 Close and halt the Blynk app
2 In System Settings go to Blynk and enable logging
3 Launch the Blynk app
4 Reproduce the issue
5 Go to About page from within the app and send logs via e-mail, please note the timing in letter

Also, since you’re using local server, very helpful would be having the server logs from the same time. You’ll probably need to increase the server log level to trace. The logging level is set via file, as described in server readme:

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Hi @Eugene,

I just sent you logs from app and server on your IOS-email address.
Please ignore the earlier email as it didn’t include server logs.

Thank you for your support!

OK it looks like the issue of multiple projects conflicting when registering for notifications.

Can you experiment, forget about notifications in all except one project and confirm it works ok?

@Dmitriy when we’ll be able to publish the fix ?

Hi @Eugene,
yes, when deleting notifications for my second project the issue isn’t present.
Only when both projects have notifications the issue is there.