Is Service tab disabled on Blynk console

I can’t see the service tab in the Blynk console, before for the same sketch I could see my data plotted in a graph Under that tab, but recently I uploaded another sketch to the device without timer.setinterval () but then again I reverted back to my old sketch, still can’t see the service tab.

Is it gone for all??

But now the service tab is gone

Like this

You’re right, I can’t see it as well.

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TY for the response, but it is only gone for me or Blynk console has got changed?


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Now you can create your own Service tab using the new widget “Service Chart”.
Available in PRO plan.


…but on the chart only I saw the Delete icon, no Config, no Copy icon…
A second Y axis (right side)with adjustable scale should be useful.

@solbahia we just moved the “Service Chart” to the widgets section, as now the dashboard may have “Tabs”, you can easily add the service chart as a separate tab if needed. It has the same functionality as it had in the “Service Chart” tab. In other words - now you don’t have a “Service Chart” by default, but you can add it if your project requires it.

Yes. Service chart can work with any DS included to with it.

You can have only 1 service chart per dashboard.

Excelent, thank you @Dmitriy !