New Blynk.Console release 10.02.2022

Hello all,

new day, new release. In this release:

  • Dashboard editor screen redesign in order to reflect the real device look and feel

  • Device now can have additional dashboard tabs for PLUS and PRO plans (3 max):

  • New widget - Segmented Switch that work with Enum and Int Data streams:

  • Webhook now returns the data from the requests back to the hardware if there is the response like it was in Blynk 1.0

  • Invitation now expire in 30 days, and not 1 day

  • Changed tab styles for all screens

  • Fixes and improvements for the automation tab

And many other improvements and fixes, over 200 tickets were resolved since the last update.


Very nice job, thanks for all the effort you do

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Great !!

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Nice work!

Can there be an option to center the label text of widgets?

@bazzio will be added at some pouint.

Can one wish for separate locale settings for “12/24h format” and “thousand/decimal separators ,. or .,” ?

Now they follow lang setting (en, de, ru). It is for swedes very, very, very annoying to read time like “03:00 PM” instead of “15:00” and to see thousand separators like “3,456” instead of “3.456” or “3 456”.

// the only way now is to switch to DE or RU lang …

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In France we use 24h format as in many European countries, so I vote for :+1:

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Agree. We’ll need to fix this. However, that’s not simple task.


How to edit tab name, and delete a tab ?


Double click on name (except the main “Dashboard”)

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I tried to edit “dashboard” , that is the reason I couldn’t edit tab :joy:

Editing “dashboard” name requires code migration, someday it will be done. But not at the moment.

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Don’t worry, it is not important, all is good for me .
Thank you,