Is ny3 server down?

@BlynkAndroidDev @Pavel @Dmitriy

It looks like is down, I cannot access my apps.

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Hi @Hugo-BR
Can you help?

I cant access neither.
I can´t turn on the lights on my house :cold_sweat:

Any news about this issue?

From my side as well, a lot of claims from the customers… Any forecast to reestablish the server?

Here as well. have a business account running some automation have clients in now and we cant access. Is anyone from Blynk on this thread/board that can give an update?

@Pavel @vshymanskyy @Dmitriy @Oleksii-QA @maryna @mariaShin

Please, can anybody send an update about this issue?
We have hundreds of devices offline and we can´t access console or app.

If nobody from Blynk side is aware about this issue… This is also a big concern to me! >40 min of complete server unavailability is a big headache. @Pavel we need quick feedbacks in this type of situation so that, from our side, we also communicate our customers…

Hello. I don’t yet know what the problem is on the server. Don’t worry, the technical team will investigate what the problem is after a while.

I would be grateful if you could provide us with more information as soon as possible.

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I am unable to log into . The login page does not appear.

Blynk app on iOS and on Android do not connect to Blynk ny3.

None of my devices is connecting to ny3.

@Oleksii-QA can you please report the situation?

Thank you and good luck.

Is there anything you need to know from users in the USA to help?

Looks like some issue in NY server. Sorry I can’t help. Notified the technical team. I don’t know how long it will take. Possibly min 2-3 hours.

To any/all users in this thread… How common is a 2+ hour full-blown outage like this, with almost zero communication from Blynk on the matter? We are considering Blynk for an upcoming commercial application, and this type of scenario is a major red flag. If any of our current core service providers go offline, we get immediate proactive notification via email/sms, and a very prompt follow-up analysis and ETA for a fix…without having to digging around in a tech support forum for info. When a network problem knocks our customers’ devices offline, I need to know about it immediately so I can get ahead of it, and I need some info to give users when they inquire about the outage.

I am in in Virginia and same issue here

Who can?
We need support from technocal team.
We are talking about our clients, our partners, our business.

We are using Blynk in multiple projects with hundreds devices and it is the first time we experienced this kind of problem.
As a Blynk fan I am very disappointed.

I fully agree with the comments above. I’m assuming that most of us are PRO/BUSINESS users here. It’s really hard to be “in the dark” in a such moment like this… 2 hours+ is a really critical situation for our business model