Is ny3 server down?

HI, I’ve been using Blynk for home automation since Nov 2016 - this is the first prolonged outage (ie more than a few minutes) I’ve seen.
I do agree that communication has been poor, at the very least there should be a pinned thread from tech support advising of the issues.

That’s good to hear it’s a rare occurrence, but I’m shocked there isn’t a better communication system in place to help business owners proactively manage the situation. At the very least there should be a permanent “Network Status” page somewhere that lists the current status of all regional servers, uptime/downtime, ping times, etc. But for a B2B service provider that is managing paid infrastructure like this I would also expect some proactive automated email communications.

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It is expected some feedback afterwards from Blynk Team about this communication gap… (I HOPE) @Pavel @Dmitriy

The Continental USA needs multiple servers in different locations. When Blynk was free, there weren’t such long outages. Now that it’s a paid service, these outages are not acceptable. Is the Blynk team addressing this issue? I haven’t seen any communication from them. They shouldn’t overlook this, especially since it’s no longer free.
@Pavel @Dmitriy are you guys reading? This isn’t the typical American business approach. If this were an American company, there would have been an explanation from the start of the outage. Plus, of course, there will be another server located in the USA.

Has it ever been explained why U.S. customers’ devices can only be serviced via the one server/cluster in NY? Why aren’t our apps and data mirrored to other regional servers for failover scenarios? Having one single point of failure for the entire U.S. is another major red flag that I would like some clarification on from Blynk before I would consider launching a commercial product on the platform.

Up now in Virginia

Ny3 is back! After 3+hours suffering in this thread with zero communication from Blynk Team… I hope this can be seen as an opportunity of improvement if “reliability and trust” is really important for Blynk

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Brazil is ok too.
Still waiting for some explanations from Blynk Team.
Huge impact in our operations.
Wish luck and success for all you guys.

Hey Blynkers,

It took us 3 hours 20min to investigate and fix the issue. This is the first time in 6 years we faced such a long blackout. As you all know, Blynk is extremely stable and our servers are up 99.999% for over 9 years.

Our apologies for the silence, communication will be improved. Engineers were busy actually fixing the issue.

Thanks for understanding :pray:

We will follow up with more details.

@Pavel we understand all your efforts to solve the situation asap, and I really appreciate that. However, please consider to have a better communication tool in place for your customers, in special, those that are trusting Blynk to deploy their products in a commercial manner.

We had ZERO information for almost 1 hour, until @Oleksii-QA showed up to inform, in the thread created by us, that someone from your side was already working on it. Sorry, this is not reasonable. Not for a professional paid model.

Agreed. 99.999% over the last 9 years is both impressive and reassuring. That said, the best Blynk can now hope to achieve in the 2023 calendar year is 99.96%. As someone who is considering Blynk for an upcoming commercial product backend I would like to know that, at the very least, I’m going to get automated real-time notifications about service outages. Please consider putting a tool in place for paid users where we can configure email, SMS and/or push notifications for major network status events like this. While hopefully rare, and ideally much shorter than 3.3 hours, outages are inevitable. However in my experience a lack of timely communication surrounding an outage is typically far more damaging than the outage itself.


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If 99.999% of airline flights arrived safely every day, there would be a major airliner disaster every 24 hours.


So 99.999% is not acceptable he needs 101% assurance/uptime :joy::joy::joy:

Truly inane comparison. Adding noise to what could otherwise be a productive conversation is not helpful.


Thanks for the feedback but we expected to be supported during the storm. It´s crucial for us not be in the dark in this situation.

As a hard user since 2018, I can assure that is the first time that Blynk down for more than a few minutes.

In my case it shows that long time without problems can be worse because we just see the faults when our operation already scaled a lot and than the impact is bigger.

We will wait for more details as promissed and also for a plan of improvements to avoid future episodes as we experienced yesterday.

I am still a fan of what you guys are doing there and would like to see Blynk stronger every day.

For all Blynkers out there, yesterday we were able to see the importance of this community and the collaboration between each of us.




Thanks for the note.

It took me 3 years to get convinced that Blynk would be the right choice for my product.

And frankly speaking, I’d like to share here my testimonial that I did the right choice by selecting you guys to take care of my product’s UI scope.

However, I have to be honest that, by the time my business is starting to grow, the “reliability concern flag” was rised in parallel, as part of our brand reputation is now in your hands.

Finally, as you said in your communication note, we all make mistakes, and there is no problem with that, as long as we take it as an opportunity to improve, grow and be even stronger than before.

In this context, I’m very glad to know that you’ve recognized some of the gaps discussed in this thread and will work to make Blynk even more robust for those that choose you as a hobby or business partner.

Keep pushing!

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