Introducing Blynk Plus20 plan!

New Blynk Plus plan with more devices!:fire:

After many requests from the community, we are excited to introduce the new Blynk Plus20 plan! :star_struck:This plan keeps all of the benefits of our regular Plus - including premium widgets, additional app page and longer data storage - and also gives the ability to connect up to 20 devices.

Go to Blynk.Console or our mobile app to discover more.


I still can’t see this plan available in the app. Also not available in the pricing session (website).

Go to dashboard/settings/billing and you should see it there

Can we request the activation of the enterprise system in the plan of the 20 devices, it is an important matter

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What exactly do you mean by “the enterprise system”?


Probably PRO plan for 20 devices.

I mean we can allow specific devices to be shown by specific users and prevent other devices from showing them

Why is the price of 20 devices $129 while 10 devices are $59? It seems that the price of one device has become higher. One device has become $6.45 in the 20-device plan, while it was $5.9 in the 10 device plan. What is the wisdom of that?

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So are you asking for Pro functionality relating to organisations to be added to the Plus20 plan?


Yeah, strange. I’ll check with the team. Looks like a mistake on our side.

It would be great if it was activated in the plus plan of 10 devices and 20 devices also I feel restricted without this setting

thank you my dear

Wouldn’t that remove your incentive to upgrade to the Pro plan to unlock these features?


I do not think that I will give up the upgrade because I got a small advantage, often the reason for the upgrade is to increase the number of devices, not to get more advantages. I consider this feature a luxury somewhat, but it is useful for many

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I want to upgrade plus10 to plus20. but I can’t find this plan in the android app. Existence of plus20 plan is only confirmed at website.

Hello! Can I share the plus plan with another account? tk!!

can Editable permissions, Organization management??

You require a Pro plan subscription to be able to edit permissions and use organisational structures.


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