PRO Plan Features Discussion

Again the same discussion of scalability of PRO plan… Widely discussed in many other treads.

Unfortunately, it looks like this is not going to happen… If you want PRO features, you have to pay a lot for it (at least in the beginning) and luckly, if your businesses goes well, you may consider to transfer this cost to your future customers… Not the best investment payback approach.

But that’s not what this topic is about. Blynk have re-introduced (in a different way) the ability to add additional devices to the Plus plan - something that has been requested multiple times.
The expectation that buying these additional devices would magically add Pro features to the Plus plan is rather optimistic to say the least.


I agree. However, it’s an open discussion and yes, we can mention other plans/needs and compare if necessary.

My response was intended to clarify:

Although the flexibility from 10 to 20 devices in the PLUS plan is a very good improvement (also a need requested from many users), it does not change the fact that PRO features are still inflexible (from scalability standpoint) and restricted to a big initial investment.

Okay, but can we keep the PRO discussion in the PRO topics please, and keep this announcement from Blynk focussed on the Plus20 features.


It’s not a subject change. Just a clarification and reflection on the incoming comments. Anyway, this is your point of view, not mine.

I believe that it is, so I’ve split the PRO discussion into this new topic. Please keep the original Plus20 announcement topic for discussions relating to that plan. If you want to debate the shortfalls of the PRO plan then do it here…