Integrating Google Assistant's IFTTT feature into Blynk App

• Hardware model : esp8266
• Wifi Module - esp8266
• Smartphone OS : Android or iOS
• Blynk server

Is there some way we can directly hook “If this” part and “then that” part of IFTTT into our Blynk app?
For example by using URLs or integrating the two separate apps?

URLs way doesn’t seem to work for “then that” part even if the “if this” part has successfully been created. Please help, working for my college project.

Thanks in advance.


BLYNK can be used with IFTTT.

What are you trying to accomplish? Are you looking to control the device with Google Assistant or Alexa? Or trying to trigger IFTTT based on a condition on the ESP Device?

If you are trying to control the ESP via Google Assistant or Alexa. Use THIS to help you create the correct URL for the “then that” portion of the applet.

If you are trying to go the other direction (trigger IFTTT from ESP), that a look HERE.

I am trying to interact a hardware connected on my esp8266 with Google assistant by voice commands. So basically I want to create like a one stop solution where the end user doesn’t have to go to IFTTT separately, rather we install a URL that takes the user to the “IFTTT create applet tab” or something that helps creates the IFTTT applet in the blynk app itself by asking user for their customised inpurts or open IFTTT app(if downloaded)

Sorry… couldn’t understand the “this” part you have written😅


is a link to:

Same for


is a link to:

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Is this for a commercial product that you’ll be distributing to end users?
If so, there may be other solutions available.

Rather than talking in very generic terms, it would help if you gave a more specific detailed description of the problem and what you are trying to achieve, otherwise it becomes a “20 questions” type of discussion.


Ohh thank you…will check it out for sure.

Its basically a college project, but I wanted to provide all the accessories together at one place so that a layman also can easily access it. Basically I am designing a bulb holder which can be toggled on and off using Google voice assistant. To initially setup the process, of storing the required command of Google assistant in IFTTT and validating with the auth token, I wanted all this to be together in an app where a simple button is also present to toggle on and off.
So on the screen, a link which takes the user to “IFTTT’s create applet page” or simply if the app can have a popup window asking for details to help create the applet and a button to toggle on and off is what I am looking for.

Also, could you please tell something about the solutions that you mentioned😅…

I don’t think any of that is possible directly via Blynk. I guess if there was an IFTTT API to create a recipe then it could be do-able, but I don’t think there is.

There is a new version of Blynk (dubbed Blynk 2.0) which is being used for commercial applications, but isn’t available as a free version (at the moment at least). I believe that Google/Alexa integration may be available in this version
If you were looking for a commercial solution then you could approach the guys at Blynk, but as this is simply a college project then you’d be wasting their time and your money going down that route.


Sorry for the late reply…
Thank you so much for the help. I think a link of IFTTT’s applet page is what I should provide in the tab 2 of project.