Image widget

Hi are there any plans for a simple image widget and or perhaps an animation widget where you could play a gif or something?


Interesting idea! How would you use it?

few ideas for this…

A photo of your house or widget or robot, click the image and something happens.
Switches with icons for on/off
Image widget would pull a FTP or URL for webcam scraping (doorbell press = photo of webcam to widget)
A pump system if pump running the animation photo would show water flowing this would be indicated on the map/photo


When a certain action happens on my remote device I would display some kind of alert using image/animation.

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Guys I could really use this widget now!

By image here you mean from camera/sd card? or just an image in an application?

I would also like this. Especially to get a picture from an ip camera in thee network.


So a widget that can be set from a mobile device photo album and displayed when appropriate. Assigning one image per state would be good or an image sent from a remote device and displayed.

Could be done in two phases - local mobile device support first and remote sending second.


I know this thread is 12 months old now but still valid.

@Dmitriy am I right in thinking you are working on adding an Image widget (and videos in the longer term)?

If an Image widget is on the cards will it accept animated gif’s?

I had a complaint that my latest video is very boring and needs a cat doing tricks to spice it up a bit.

It is not in priority list. However there is high chance it it will be added soon. Regarding gifs - not sure. Need to investigate.


@Dmitriy I have added the animated gif of a cute kitten to the latest video.

I asked for this a year and a half ago. It all wonderful that you guys support every fricken platform on the planet but please give equal time to the widgets and improvements to the apps (hint tablet support)

Supporting hardware platforms and app development are different resources and they don’t affect each other.

Image widget is still at the concept stage.

Its my perception and maybe Incorrect, that there seems to always be more progress/activity on the platform vs the app development space. Which is surprising as isn’t the app side of things where you make any money?

UI/UX usually harder and more complex to develop in comparison with backend/embedded especially when you try to make it perfect :slight_smile:.

@Dmitriy I’m really missing an image widget. I need to show some images on the dashboard that change according to the status of the phisical system under monitoring.
It a very simple widget just change the image according to the value of a int variable.
Value–>url association must be done in configuration phase.
I don’t need dynamic image. Just lightweight static PNG file that can be pre-loaded on the server.

Graphical rapresentation of phisical object are common in SCADA dashboard and we need to use the same graphic convention also in the mobile app.

We are working on UI for this widget.


One user case could be for a weathestation, showing showing a sun, cloud or moon image based on values from a LDR sensor. Or showing some High and low preasure images.

A image widget could be limited to only showing jpgs and gifs with a max size og xxx kb. And it was up the the user to have them stored on the web somewhere.

I would like to make my own video (or at least snapshot) doorbell that notifies me, shows me a picture of the intru… er… guest… and lets me chose whether to remotly unleash the Nerf Super Soaker Water Blaster :smiley:

I already do this! :smile:
My security cam software on my Diskstation has an API to record from a certain camera and also pull snapshots of videos and send them as RTSP strem.

Just waiting for the video widget to arrive on iOS! :frowning: