Image widget

Pavel, any update on this widget?

@iByte design is here. But at the moment we are focused on other things.

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@Dmitriy Is any part of Blynk open source? I’m asking because I would like to contribute to creating this widget as it’s something for which I have a good use and need.

I want to install a Pi camera, then when I press a button widget in the app have the pi camera on the device snap a photo, then communicate it via the Blynk library back to a widget in the app.

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Nope :frowning:.

Image widget is for predefined image and not for dynamic. But dynamic image is good too.

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Finally, the image widget is coming! Stay tuned :wink:



I’m waiting “Image Widget” in now. May I ask you which dates possible use Image Widget?

Sorry, no estimates now, vacation time :slight_smile:.


Beta release is here Android Open Beta. Version 2.27.0 (Image widget)

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