IFTTT and Blynk - questions

I have a local server running on Raspbery Pi with two active projects both using Arduino Uno hardware. I run the latest update of Blynk App on IOS. I would like to experiment using some IFTTT recipes to set virtual pin states on My Blynk connected hardware.

I realise that I will first need to update my local server to the latest version but after that I am unsure as to how I am going to get it to work. I have set up an IFTTT account, loaded the ‘IF’ IOS app on my phone and connected to the ‘Maker’ channel which gave me a KEY.

What do I need to do next?
What do I do with the KEY given to me from the ‘Maker’ channel?

For a bit more clarity, the first recipe I would like to run is to get the IFTTT app, to set a Virtual Pin High on the Blynk hardware when I am coming home from work.

Any help appreciated

Hello. It is pretty simple. Let’s say you have a LED on digital pin 8 and you want to turn it on when you come home.

If “GPS TRIGGER” than “MAKER CHANNEL” action - Make a web request.

URL : http://your_server_ip:8080/your_token/pin/D8
CONTENT TYPE : application/json
BODY : [“1”]

Only be aware that ifttt triggers have delays. For me it is ~30 sec.

Even with the blynk channel online? Or will the lag decrease using blynks own channel?

It’s how IFTTT works. We can’t guarantee their servers response time. And users reported that IFTTT lags can be up to 15 minutes - it’s a usual thing.

Please let us know how it works for you.

Too bad on their part… Ok thank you!

@Dmitriy Can you explain the URL? I thought that trigger (GPS) would result in an action call to the Blynk server. Is this only useful for those running a private server?

Sure, you could specify any ip/host and it could be your private Blynk Server.

By the way. Blynk itself will implement GPS anyway. But for now, IFTTT is only solution for GPS.

@Dmitriy I think maybe I wasn’t clear with the question. I don’t have a private server. What goes in the URL field if I’m using only the Blynk cloud?


But this is a secret for now :grinning:


i like the public secrets :grinning:


@Dmitriy i’am able to read any D pin or V pin , but using PUT to change a value of pin never worked with me.
i tried to implement it in Node-RED with no hope.
i start debugging it using Postman chrome extension and others that used to work with many restful APIs
but not working at all.

i used http://docs.blynkapi.apiary.io/# as guide

i send the request as below

PUT /******MYTOKEN/pin*****/V1 HTTP/1.1
Host: cloud.blynk.cc:8080
Content-Type: application/json
Cache-Control: no-cache
Postman-Token: 608e6e38-c6a0-3712-cc61-66d45f527d86


is any thing wrong in my request or it’s your cloud server still not supporting that fully.

Dmitriy, thanks for the tip on the other post. I’ve done everything on ifttt and tried to activate V1 when i receive an email from myself but I am getting and error:
Maker Action Error
An error with Maker prevented your Recipe from working. Edit the Maker Channel or try again. If errors persist, visit the Help page for support.

Any ideas?

anyway, will try Automate for android.

Did you select PUT request? Correct body format ["1"]? Content type?

Yes, in both IFTTT and automate. None works

If I open the url in my browser I can see the button state, tough. So, nothing wrong with URL.

GET request (browser) is not PUT request (to activate V1)

I know that, I used PUT request both in Automate and IFTTT, I just tried GET on browser to check if URL was ok.

URL : http://cloud.blynk.cc:8080/MYTOKEN/pin/V1
CONTENT TYPE : application/json
BODY (In automate “request content”) : [“1”]

Ok. Confirm. IFTTT doesn’t work for some reason anymore. I’ll investigate what is wrong there.