If you can dream it, you can Blynk it

So in stead of adding all my projects individually i just posted a video and you guys can ask questions and il post the hardware specs or code if anyone asks. So on the video you can see how i control my blinders and projector screen with blynk aswell as my lights and my power plugs. I also monitor temperature with a DHT22 and humidity in my room and will soon add another one outside to monitor outside temps. Later on i will add a camera with servo controls but im still waiting for some hardware. And then in the pictures you see my selfmade electric skateboard that is rocking a rpi zero w with a hotspot and a local Blynk server on it. Thats my final year school project. It goes about 28 km/h and 25 km/h uphill. And yes i know how concrete tastes like ( i fell once when i was going full speed because a bird flew in to me and it scared me). If there are any questions il be happy to answer them.


Crazy kids these days… lazing about, living on Facebook and vaping their lives away…

Except that one, even crazier guy, who is bent on world domination, skinned knees and becoming the terror of low flying birds everywhere… one Blynk project at a time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Way to go @Dema323 :+1:


Hahaha thanks, but how do you know about my plans to dominate the world ? :joy:

A little birdy told me :wink:

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aha good one :laughing:

Great projects dude! The skateboard is awesome… I see those around the city all the time!

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Thanks !

I really could use one of those… but with a chair on it so I don’t kill myself :wink:

That’s why I’m building a drift trike lol :smiley:

Like this ? :smile:


Exactly! Pics to follow…

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Some photos of it with the old front and the new one needing to be welded up


Oh wow that look awesome :smile:

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I think you’re gonna need a bigger brake.

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Put a eddy current brake on it :joy::joy:

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Cool project…
Please make video of your skateboard.
How to turn Raspberry pi into hospot mode??
Is Blynk server works in this mode??

See Setup PI ZERO W as ultra portable server and AP (tutorial) updated to 2022 :)


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Where do you rest your feet :thinking:

I don’t think its done yet ^^

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You can add two feet rest supports at the front axle

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