Idependent speed and direction control for 2 dc motors

I need to control 2 dc motors independently over wifi. I am using 775 motors, and BTS7960 motor driver (2 pieces). I have access to arduino nano, esp 32, esp8266. I really need help with the coding. I need to control motor rotation speed and direction independently (preferably with blynk joystick). Can someone help?

I don’t think you’ll find anyone to write your code for you - that’s not really what this community forum is about.
You’ll find some examples of motor/stepper/servo code on the forum, but probably none that use your specific hardware - but maybe a sensible starting place.

You may find that Blynk struggles somewhat when controlling this type of hardware, as Blynk is somewhat picky about timing and so are motor controls. Also, if you’re using the Blynk cloud servers you may find that you suffer some latency. This isn’t normally significant, and has very little impact on normal IoT applications, but if you’re controlling some sort of vehicle/buggy/rover then you may need to switch to a local server for more responsiveness.


@Mahedy_Hasan As stated, you are not likely to find perfectly custom fitting code, nor someone to help you learn coding at the probable level you may need… but here is one of my rover projects that should have very similar driver control characteristics ( 2x BTS7960 vs L293D )… but you MUST know enough to modify the code, so remember, Google is your friend :slight_smile: