I buy thousands of energy now I cant login or even reset my or forgot password after apps was Update

I buy thousands of energy now I cant login or even reset my or forgot password after apps was Update

please Blynk Fix it ASAP. thanks

The old blynk (legacy) has been retired. You should move to the new Blynk instead.

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how can I move it?


You should read this….


thanks sir , what will happen to the energy that I purchase to them? will they refund it?

thanks sir.

you said that they email all account holder but I didnt recieve any one. is there any way that I can directly contact to them I need refund for all the hastle that they give.

what happen to my energy purchase will you Blynk refund my purchase also pay for the damage in my project?

@Gawanimyd please don’t create multiple topics about the same issue. I’ve merged your latest one into this one.

The answer to your question is in the link I provided - there are no refunds for those of us who bought emery in the legacy system. That system is now retired and the new system works in a different way as far as billing is concerned.


if they will not refund us this blynk can be sued for what they did to us.

Good luck with that.
This retirement plan of Blynk 1.0 has been in place for A LONG TIME now.

can we sue blynk for the damage that they made in our project since they also dont want to refund the Energy that we buy

@Gawanimyd final warning - please DO NOT keep creating new topics about the same issue.


I have now new issue you just keep on merging it to prevent others seeing it

we buy almost 30k plus of energy for our project then suddenly in gone and not working,was this site a scam?

I’m merging your comments into one topic because they are all about one topic, which is your dissatisfaction with Blynk.
Merging the topics together doesn’t prevent anyone seeing them, it simply keeps your discussion in one place, rather than having multiple topics where the same thing is being discussed.
This is the approach I take when moderating all situations like this, it’s nothing to do with the nature of the discussion.


ok,then how can we use our project that was not working anymore? how can I refund the energy that we buy?

You can’t.
Why did you buy so much energy for a system that was being obsoleted and very clearly made that fact known?
This seems like a really bad decision on your part.

we use it in many project.