I buy thousands of energy now I cant login or even reset my or forgot password after apps was Update

they didnt even email us anything that they will will make it obsolete

There were many notifications, emails, pop-up notifications when u opened the app, etc…

What type of personal use application did you need so much energy for?

Was this a business type application? You mention “we use it in many projects”, this sounds like it was not for personal use. Therefore, it may be that you were using BLYNK in a way that was against their licensing agreement. This may open you up to a lawsuit, not the other way around. Not saying you were, just sounds like maybe.

From what I understand one of the many reasons for BYLNK 2.0, and its current structure is to stop people from taking advantage of what they offer and using it for business purposes without paying the appropriate cost.

Repeatedly asking the same question isn’t going to result in a different answer!


we use it in our many personal projects.

sir Pete said they email all, but we dont recieve any email regarding that

The emails probably went into your junk folder.
If you had a notification icon in any of your Legacy projects then they would also have sent you multiple notifications about Blynk Legacy end of life.
If you’d have visited this forum at any point in the past two years then you would also have seen chatter about the new Blynk product and its replacement.
TBH I became tired of all of these emails and in-app messages, so I think it’s fair to say that Blynk did everything in their power to notify existing customers.

It’s a pity that you didn’t receive these messages, but no amount of complaining is going to get the Legacy servers reinstated or the money you spent on energy refunded. You need to suck it up and move on with your life.

If you’re interested in signing-up to a Blynk IoT account and recreating your projects in IoT then follow the link to the “Help!…” article I wrote.

If not, then you’re probably wasting your time complaining to members of this forum, as we’ve all been through the migration process ourselves and accepted that Blynk Legacy is the way forward.



As a personal (non-business) user with over 20 working Blynk projects, and ,any more experiments in development I also purchased a lot of energy - but I git value for money - a fantastic platform that allowed me to concentrate on the project work flow and have access to an excellent mobile GUI.

I also received many, many email over at least 18 months to 2 year period. Plus notifications when opening the app.

Plus the years of discussion on this forum.

Blynk legacy is dead, long, live Bynk legacy . . .

Move on mate, get on board Blynk 2.0 and enjoy the ride.



we only have 3 spam messages and 0 trash

its good for you you recieve email. in us we didnt

Hello. I think the only way to do so is to refund form the google play. In the reciepe you should see some “refund” links. However, from what I know - if the purchase was made more than 1 month ago - it’s almost impossible to refund. But you still can try.

They kicked our asses without any options. I have tens of remote personal hardware without any chance to migrate it now. So you are not along and obviously we can not rely on blynk anymore.