How to use Blynk with Javascript Environment

I want to use cloud services for storage and web services like firebase and cognitive services So i will prefer javascript environment like johnny-five, mongose-os or native javascript that many boards can run now a days. I want to know what are the hardware and software requirements to use blynk in javascript environment.

I’m not sure if this is exactly what you’re asking, but there have been a couple topics (one of which I started) in the last week on using Node.JS and Blynk. I’ve been using this with a Raspberry Pi 3 as of late (coming from doing simple things in C++ and Arduino) and it’s awesome… Blynk is all about events and JS seems like the perfect language to pair with it. If you’re trying to tie your RPI into anything web related, then using JS is, again, the perfect language for utilizing Blynk.