How to restore the project?

Hi. It so happened that I had to reflash my phone and the whole Blink project got lost. Token is. How do I restore a project?

the project isn’t on the phone but on the server.
just install app and connect with right id and pw.


Application installed. How to login with ID and PW?

do you say you forget them?

I don’t understand what ID and PW is, but I remember the token.

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are you using blynk server or local server?

ID is your email
PW is your password

blynk server

so you have to enter your login and password

Got it, and how to restore it again in the smartphone?

when you join your blynk account, all will be restore automatically

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I’m here now under my name and password.

so press log in

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So I already entered, so I do not see log in

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Is it in the smartphone? I do not have it.

if have not that on your app, I don’t know how help you.
maybe @Dmitriy could ?

Wierd! Does it show up with rotating screen?

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I went to the Blink Community clicked on LogIn and got on this forum, writing to You from the computer.

I only have New Project, My Apps and Community on my phone.