How to make blynk recognize my AM2320 sensor

Hello Blynk community.

First of all i want to say that i have no experience in programming. That being said i would really want to connect my AM2320 temperature and humidity sensor, but have no idea how to.

The computer im using is a raspberry pi 4 2gb with wifi.
Smartphone is iOS 13.3.1
im using the blynk server
and i dont know what my blynk libary version is.

if you guys could help me out with how to do this, any help would be very much appreciated

Thanks for reading and have a wonderfull day :slight_smile:


To be honest, you’ve made awful hardware choices.
The RPI needs to be programmed in Python or JavaScript and there aren’t many examples of how to use these languages on the forum.

Hardware like the NodeMCU is what most people use, and program it in C++ (of which there are a gazillion examples on this forum).

Also, the AM2320 isn’t a very common sensor, but that’s much less of an issue, for someone with moderate programming skills!
Many people choose the awful BMP range of temperature and humidity sensors, and there are many examples on here (in C++) in the Sketch Builder.
My preference is the BME280 range of sensors and there are quite a few examples of suitable code on here.

If you want more info about the choice of MCU then have a read of this:



I’d suggest that you get the sensor working with the Pi at a basic level first, without Blynk, just simple t/H reading output to serial monitor.

Then when that is working start adding Blynk and other bells and whistles.

If you are just beginning master the basics first, then slowly build.

Good luck.