How to integrate Blynk and IFTTT (Google Assistant) for ESP01s

i used ESP01s for my first home automation project . and i connect it to blynk server using this code


#define BLYNK_PRINT Serial
#include <ESP8266WiFi.h>
#include <BlynkSimpleEsp8266.h>

// You should get Auth Token in the Blynk App.
// Go to the Project Settings (nut icon).
char auth[] = "token code";

// Your WiFi credentials.
// Set password to "" for open networks.
char ssid[] = "my home wifi ";
char pass[] = "pw";

void setup()
  // Debug console

  Blynk.begin(auth, ssid, pass);

void loop()

all working properly i can on off my relay using blink app . i used GPIO0 pin in the ESP01s for control the relay . now i want to connect it to my google assistant . i used IFTTT for that

in applets i used blynk webhook and google assistant . auth code/update/??

01 my first question how i put GPIO ( that pin GPIO0) to that code ?
02 in IOS blynk app in webhook only can idently V pink i cant find GPIO0 pin. how i name in that

please i want step by step . Thank you

  1. Please format your code using triple backticks (```) (before and after)
  2. I don’t understand this comment:

how i name GPIO in that code ?

  1. V refers to virtual pins - D refers to physical pins on the board.
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i mean that pin GPIO0 pin how i put it to this auth code/update/ ?? for the webhook in blynk IOS app

you mean what code webhook code or ESP01s code ? please explain me more

thank you
Above is a link, you can to use this formule:
GPIO 0 is actualy the D0 pin.


Thank you very much its working now .

this code worked to me

http://IP/you auth code /update/D0?value=1 for that GPIO0 pin in ESP01s

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