How to get Blynk working with Arduino and IOS

I have my code working so when I press a button it activates two dc motors. I need help creating Code that allows me to control the button from the blynk app. I cannot get the app to connect to my Bluetooth module. It is a Bluetooth 4.0 LE module and I am using the IPhone X. There is no example Code for the Arduino Uno. I have the libraries installed. Please help.

Sam, search the forums for “arduino” and “bluetooth”, that might give you helping hand.

Good luck!

Is there anyway I could get some specific help, that didn’t get me anywhere.

Searching this forum and lots of reading (particularly the Announcement Topics and your issue keywords - for example) is how you will get most answers, as they have generally already been answered many times over… And not too many have the time or desire to hold hands upon request just to do your searching for you and save you from reading.

But occasionally some will drop a hint :wink: Currently BT/BLE are beta… You will find it best to run latest iOS Beta App and latest Library (0.6.1 at time of this post)

Ok so now using the BLE widget I can get my Ipad (which I switched to) to connect. I also updated my Arduino IDE app to the newest version. However when I press the play button on the top right corner it says I am not connected to my Arduino Uno. Then when I stop it from running and then I click on the BLE widget it says not connected. Any help?

Also here is a copy of my code:

Please repost code with proper formatting as required in Welcome Topic…