How to find library in my project in arduino?

There is a problem that has plagued me for a long time. My project has include more header files, long time passed, I didn’t remember these header files belong which library. If I uninstall and reinstall build environment, how can I know which library should I install?Because arduino has more library with similar feature.
Can anybody help me?


Doesn’t anyone here have this Confused?

Your question is rather non-specific, so somewhat difficult to answer.

PlatformIO is the best solution, or adding URLs to the github page for the actual library you used (handy if you want to share your code with others anyway).

Whenever I download a .zip library I keep a copy in a separate folder, so I can install the same library on multiple machines if necessary.

None of this helps if you have a project where you’re trying to track-down the actual libraries you used for a specific project, but in that case you may find this approach useful…


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It so complex :innocent:. It seems Arduino’s library manage is a big trouble for everyone :joy:

Which is why some people choose to use PlatformIO as it stores the libraries used for each project. Google it and see for yourself.


Thanks Pete.
I just try to learn PlatformIO not long ago, but because I am already accustomed to using arduino, so I am not ready to migrate to PlatformIO. Maybe new project I would use it.

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