How monitor phisical pins in node-red


I install node-red and node-red-contrib-blynk-ws.

How i can monitor write event o read event on phisical pins?
In node Write event i see only Virtual Pin “All pins” or One vortual pin.

But in logs i see, that phisical pins also do events, and write in logs.

Node-Red only supports Blynk virtual pins.

To be honest, it makes no real sense to use digital pins with Node-Red, as you don’t want to control the hardware pins on whatever device is being used to host Node-Red - or if you do then you use a device specific command from within Node-Red.


“Node-Red only supports Blynk virtual pins.”

But why in logs is exist hardware pin events?

I have button in blink, wich control hardware pin.

I want make message in telegram, when this button push on blynk client. Can i make it with node-red?

Because that’s the data that is being sent from the Blynk server.

Yes, if you send the command on a virtual pin.

I use Node-Red for 99% of my projects, but only ever use virtual pins in Blynk.
Also, I choose never to run Blynk code on my devices, only MQTT.


On hardware pins i connect relays.

And you say, that i shall use virtual pins. So, i shall write procedure on “write event”, for example, on V1, and in procedure write V1 i shall set hardware pin d13 in 0 or 1? Did I get it right?

You should probably read this if you want to continue to run Blynk code on your devices…

Or this if you want to switch to 100% MQTT…


Thank you very match.