How many templates can i create/have?

I have PLUS plan and understood this wood give me 10 TEMPLATES. But seems restricted to (only) 4.

As this is what is stated for PLUS price plan: ( Pricing | Blynk IoT Platform )
Device templates included
Template is a set of configurations inherited by devices of a similar type


I have 4 templates and are now moving over the last things from the original Blynk.
I then need at least 1 more template.

  • But when I try to create 1 new template, I get an error message “Tile Template limit reached”.
    Seems I am restricted to 4 templates. I understand the price plan to allow 10 templates.

  • Is this a bug or a restriction I don’t know about?


10 templates limit for plus plan. what server are you using? Do you have error message in the web platform or application?

And please attach a screenshot if possible

Server?: Region: fra1

I get the error message in the WEB. In the menu for Templates, I click on “+New template” and enter data. When clicking on “Done” I get a message popping up at the top of screen saying "Tile Template limit reached” and no template is created.

@jonas hello. Could you please provide your login email.

The error message is actually about Tile Template (mobile template). We had a bug in the early versions where you could create multiple mobile templates for a single template. Looks like that’s the case. We can fix it by removing unused mobile templates. but we need to know your email for that.

OK. Sent as Message.

same problem here

@cramstrea please send me your email in private message. I’ll fix manually.

Fixed, thanks!

@cramstrea server ?


Same problem here: PLUS-plan but “Tile Template limit reached” with 4 templates!

Hi @Huib,

Please send me your email in private message.

I have send email in private message

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@Dmitriy , just a question: I have Plus plan and in early promotion I earned +5 devices but my template limit stayed 10. Is it normal or bug?
I understand that I can use one template for more devices but it means I have to use my last template for 5 devices (or I should more template-more device variations) anyway I can not use my all available devices now.
Thank you.

Hello, @aquarius

Please send me to private mes. you login email to Blynk and server We will check

Hello, @aquarius

We checked. You have everything correct with the limit of templates. Limit 10 templates for plus plan.


Hello Oleksii,
thank you for checking.

Unfortunately the template limits are not shown in Blynk.Console Billing page. Where can I found template limit/subscription information?
So, I have another question: I have a chance extend my device numbers up to 20 in Plus plan. In case of activate this kind of upgrade, my templates number stay only 10?
With another words: how can I increase my template limit? Only with upgrade to PRO or pay for 20 devices in PLUS?

Thank you.

According to this:

Plus is limited to 10 templates per organisation, and you can’t create any sub-organisations in Plus, so it looks like 10 is the limit for the Plus subscription.

Are you certain that you’re using Templates in the best possible way?


Yes. At the moment I can use same template only for my tempsensors. Between my other devices have mostly differences. But now I have to think again about what I can combine…

I’m facing the same problem with my PRO subscription, I have only 12 templates.
once I want to create new template or duplicate an existed template, it notify me with “tile template limit reached”
Region: sgp1.
Could you please help?
Thanks in advance