How many people connected by (Shared) link?

How can I find out how many people connected to my application on the generated link?
And is it possible to enter a limit on the number of connected?

You can see this only in admin page of local server. We do not provide this info in app.


Thanks for the answer!
It is a pity that this is not possible in the application (
That would be good!
It’s not very convenient to change the link every time to turn off unnecessary guests…


I installed the server, but I did not find this function anywhere (

@MobiSSS Cloud Server and all Local Servers are completely independent from each other.

Once you have logged in to your own Local Server, you need to clone your projects to it (from your Cloud server account).

Then modify the devices with the new IP address, directing the device to your Local Server instead of the Cloud as well as the auth codes for each project, which are generated by the server you are logged into (See

Then, in the Admin page (See, you will see your device, connection and other data accumulate over time.

You did not understand me )

I have installed and configured a local server. And put all of the projects. This is not a problem. Everything works perfectly.

I gave a link to my project to several people. They joined the project.

Question: how can I disable some of them?

@MobiSSS presumably it was a shared link rather than a cloned link?

AFAIK if it is a shared link the only fix is for you to refresh your token, disconnecting everyone, and sending a new shared link to those that you still want to be able to access your project.

No, I understood what you said, but you didn’t (at first) say what you meant…

Had you clarified all this at the beginning, it would have been much clearer for everyone… and led to a quicker answer :wink:

As you can see, I don’t have a lot of users to test this on :smiley: and I am not personally familiar on how you would share the same hardware with separate logins/auth codes anyhow… but if they do have their own individual login, then you can select the ones you no longer want connected in the Users List and delete.

The Blynk Developers, or someone with more multi-user-on-local-server experience will have to clarify and/or supply more details if I missed something.

Thank you for your answers and your patience )

Again not that )))
How to delete a user I know. It’s simple.

I’m talking about the shared link. How to remove unnecessary users from shared link?
But I do not want to change the token.

I learned that it is impossible to do this in the application

I installed the local server. I see that users are connected by shared link. How can I kick them?

You can’t. This is not implemented yet. However it is planned for future web-dahsboard.

Ah… well even with that added missing tidbit, I wouldn’t have been able to give you a definitive answer., because…

…while I have played around with projects sharing… I have never found any reference to any actively shared connection in my admin page… you say you can actually see the individual users? Where? And how do you identify them… since they don’t actually log in?

This would be a very useful function

I do not know how to explain it …
I do not see them, I see that they are connected, I see that they perform some actions, push buttons in the application, etc.
I see signs that users are connected by shared link.

I really appreciate that you are helping me. Thank you!

Sharing was created mostly for DEMOs and not for regular usage :slight_smile:.