How many devices can I add to one project?

I would like to know the number of devices can support one project.

I guess that depends on how you do it…

I see no reason that you couldn’t have a single project and Auth code with as many identically programmed devices as you want… as far as sending data to the device. But when receiving data there would be no way to tell which device is sending which data.

However, if you individually designate certain vPins in each devices code, then your limit would be the number of available vPins (currently 128 vPins total).

You could use the Device Selector as that should recognise the 128 vPin limit per device. As there is no documented limit in the Device Selector, that I am currently aware of, your total limit of actual devices would probably be limited by the overall Project size (not sure of that limit for Cloud Server).

And there is probably a few other ways of juggling Devices per Project.

The real question is how many do you need and why? Then determine the best way of going about accomplishing it.


Right now we have server limit with 25 devices per project. But this mostly “security” limit.


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