How i can connected

I have arduino uno and etnernet shield w5500.
they will be installed in an adjacent room and will not be able to connect via USB, so I want to connect the w5500 to the hub via an etnernet cable to which the pc is connected. I searched the forum but found nothing suitable. I will supply power to the arduion from the power supply
Thanks everyone

Are you saying that the Uno and the Ethernet shield will be in different rooms to each other?
If so then this approach isn’t going to work.

If the Ethernet shield will be piggy-backed onto the Uno as designed then there are dozens of examples of how to use this combination with Blynk, including those in the Sketch Builder.

However, these Ethernet shields aren’t very reliable (unless you’re lucky and get a good one) so maybe aren’t the best solution.

Going for a WiFi enabled board such as the NodeMCU or Wemos D1 Mini would probably be a better choice of board.


thank you very much for responding
the general scheme will look like this
room 1: arduino uno + ethnernet shield. Uno is powered from a power source. From the shield goes an etnernet cable to room 2 where it connects to the hub to which my pc is connected. I think I need to use the Arduino_etnernet_manual sketch to manually configure the arduino DNS and gateway, I think it should work out, thanks a lot again

So I assume from your reply that you haven’t looked at the Sketch Builder, but instead are looking at the Blynk examples in the Arduino IDE?

The Sketch Builder is a better starting point in my opinion…


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