[HOT!] 🔥 New Blynk Library Release v0.6.0

In this release

  • New boards support

    • ESP32 Bluetooth Serial Port Profile support
    • MKR 1400 support via TinyGSM library
    • MKR 1400 support via MKRGSM library
    • MKR 1500 support via MKRNB library
    • Basic Blynk.Inject support for MKR1010
  • Changes

    • Switch default SSL port to 443
    • Blynk.Inject: AP SSID is now randomized
    • Separate info field for FIRMWARE_VERSION, allow dynamic BOARD_TEMPLATE_ID
  • Improvements

    • Improve ESP8266 and ESP32, Arduino boards detection
    • Fix float formatting in some cases
    • Use internal float format function for all TI boards (i.e. Energia IDE)
    • Fix some warnings, examples, etc.
    • Added BLYNK_NO_DEFAULT_BANNER option
    • Better-looking webpage for Blynk.Inject
    • New TinyGSM examples

:zap: Regularly update your IDE, Libraries and Boards

PlatformIO, Particle, ARM mbed and OpenWRT packages will been updated soon.

Grab the update here: https://github.com/blynkkk/blynk-library/releases/latest

:star2: BTW, if you like Blynk, don’t forget to give us a github star! :star2:


Thank you for the update. Very much appreciated all the work you all do. You guys rock! I already update my Arduino Blynk library.

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thank you, Guys.
Is there any way to reduce data consumption for particle cellular boards??
any updates for supporting particle’s new Boron board??

You can use HTTP API to reduce data consumption.

We got the particle mesh boards, but haven’t got our hands on integration. There were a couple of posts on the forum reporting that it works out of the box


Hello! Thanks for the update. I’ve stuck offline with my ESP32 on SSL, so I checked the default port in Config.h and looks 8441 as before instead of the 443 in the Changes.

@andrew911 weird, but looks like you’re right… Somehow the change didn’t reach the release. We’ll make sure it goes to the next version. Thanks!

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