ESP8266 disconnects when using SSL setting

My project is running, but when I switch to SSL.h it disconnects, Everyone say to check mqtt_port …Where is it or how can I change it using the to header files above. (9443…443)

Also I have read that ESP8266 can’t keep up to SSL is that true.

I think you’re probably talking about the TCP port setting, rather than MQTT. If that’s the case then having MQTT in your title might put people off looking at the thread because they’ll think that your question is outside of their experience.

Some info about whether you’re using local server or Blynk cloud server would be handy.


OK how can I change the thread name.?

I’m using an example from WiFiManager, and BlinkSimpleEsp8266.h is what they are using. WifiManager connects for me. It does not ask for a Port. looking at their site 8080 is used… I thought this is web browsers port. So maybe WifiManager is sending an old Default port, to connect with.

I was just wondering where this default port information is stored. If using the BlinkSimpleEsp8266.h would’t there be a default port value???

For pasting code do i just paste in this editor box to post??

Maybe you could show me how to Serial.print() out TCP port and that would maybe diagnose better.


There is a default, and it was to have been corrected but somehow got missed…

However, it is easy enough for you to manually place in your Blynk.begin() or Blynk.config() commands.

Blynk.begin(auth, ssid, pass, "", 443);

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