Help with webhook and ThingSpeak

I’m trying to upload a value to my ThingSpeak channel, but without success.
My widget config is:
Output: V50
Method: GET
Content type: text/plan

In my sketch I call:
Blynk.virtualWrite(V50, value);

Using the URL in the web browser I can update the ThyngSpeak channel with succes.

What I wrong in the widget?

Please check few things :

  1. Is field3 is correct one?
  2. Does Blynk.virtualWrite really happen?;
  3. Thingspeak has limitation 1 request per 15 seconds. Don’t you exceed it with browser request?

I’ve checked this below:

  1. field3 is correct (but I’ve tried also with field1 with no luck).
  2. Blynk.virtualWrite is correctly called.
  3. The TS update is fired every 30 seconds by a timer.

… and I’ve made some other tests, so I’ve discovered a strange thing: are updated only the first call if the channel is empty, elsewere nothing is updated… so if the channel isn’t empty the data is never updated.

The same URL content that was in the widget, works fine if it’s pasted as link in the web browser.

… where /pin/ is a floating number (like 25.12).

You can try with my real key!

Are you sure? Maybe this is because values in almost same time frame? I have same thing. If you move mouse pointer to single point you can see few values within 1 point.

Yes I’m sure, I sent only one data, I can’t go wrong because the number of entries are specified in the left top of the page.

Now I’m more confused than ever… now I’m not able to upload nothing… I checked that the Blynk.virtualWrite is called regulary every 30 seconds.
Like as before, instead, I can update the channel without problems if I paste the URL string on the web browser.

I’m getting crazy! :upside_down:

Do you refresh page? As this counter doesn’t updated in realtime.
It works for me. I just checked.

Please tell me your account I’ll check.

Thanks for you time! :thumbsup:

Here my account data:
Channel ID:160240
Write API Key: 6Y1Q0Y34RIGN8CCA
Public page:

I’m trying with IFTTT/Maker to make some exp. and debug with the WebHook widget and… same issue: my sketch call in the right way the VirtualWrite but no action triggered IFTTT side.
If I copy the URL string of the WebHook widget and I will paste it into a web browser the event is triggered!

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I experienced the same thing with ifttt. Not sure if I was doing everything right, but the same URL pasted into browser did work.

@zeeko you mean thingspeak API wasn’t working from IFTTT?

@naamah75 this server bug…

Ok… no problem… just to know that I’m not crazy! :rolling_eyes:
Thanks for your work! Blynk is a very great idea! :thumbsup:

@naamah75 should be fixed right now. Could you please check again?

I guess you talk about cloud server… I’m running a local server.

I that case you can try

Unfortunately I got an exception in “main” thread (java.lang.NullPointerException) and the server has not started.

Could you please show this exception?

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException                                                                      
        at javax.mail.internet.InternetAddress.parse(                                                 
        at javax.mail.internet.InternetAddress.parse(                                                 
        at javax.mail.internet.InternetAddress.<init>(                                                
        at cc.blynk.server.notifications.mail.SparkPostMailClient.<init>(                          
        at cc.blynk.server.notifications.mail.MailWrapper.<init>(                                          
        at cc.blynk.server.Holder.<init>(                                                                       
        at cc.blynk.server.launcher.ServerLauncher.start(                                               
        at cc.blynk.server.launcher.ServerLauncher.main(

Oops. Sorry. I updated build. Sorry to bother you. But could you please check again :slight_smile:?

It works! thank you!!! :ok_hand: