Help with webhook and ThingSpeak

Hi to all
I am using:

With web hook and it works.

My question is how to pass additional data to the same to update many fields at once?

For example:{StringValue}

Thanks in advance

@hatters please follow docs - everything is there.

Not sure what this means but if you want to post additional variables from the Webhook widget you need to post the variables as an array to the Webhook trigger pin.

Blynk.virtualWrite(Vx, field0, field1, ......fieldn);

then call the array elements in the Webook as /pin[0]/,/pin[1]/,…, /pin[n]/

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@Dmitriy thanks for the prompt response.
@Costas, thanks - that makes a lot of sense. I will give it a r try


Do you mean something like this?

Blynk.virtualWrite(V10 temp,hum);

and this for the webhook[0]&field2=/pin[1]/


think you are missing a /[0]/&field2=/pin[1]/

Using this one only field2 is being updated. you are right

GREAT. It works now. Thanks for the help Costas

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