Help to automatically display data in Blynk.logEvent

Hello friends of Blynk, I ask you the following, will there be a way to show the value of a variable in the Blynk.logEvent command and also the date and time of that moment in which the log is sent? for example that says "the temperature has exceeded the maximum value assigned to “maxvar”, registration date “date” time “time”. I hope to be clear with my doubt. Thanks in advance.

Have you tried something like this ?

Blynk.logEvent("event_code", String("Temperature above threshold: ") + temp);

Maybe you should read this:

The time that the event is logged is automatically shown in the event history on both the app and the web console, so you don’t have to add that data.


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correct Pete, I’m going to review that post well and what my friend John93 advises me. Since you mention it, it would be nice if the date also appeared in the notifications, in addition to the time in the smartphone application.
Thanks friends.

You can see the time and date in the timeline

The time that appears in the notification pop-up on the device homescreen is inserted and updated by the operating system.

With iOS that will change from “now” to “x minutes ago” to “yesterday” to “day of the week” to “date & time”.

Adding-in additional date/time data to that message would be redundant, especially when the info is easily viewable in the device timeline on the mobile app.


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One last Pete, and not to open another post, is there a guide to using organizations in the PRO package? to see if I am starting to use it correctly and if I am ordering the devices, templates, users and companies correctly.

Only what’s in the documentation and a few odd posts on the subject.


Thank you. I will continue working on the project.