Help Needed for Reef Aquarium LED Controller

Hi, I am working on a project for my Reef Aquarium where I am connecting the high power LED’s to Arduino (via PWM compatible drivers). List of devices used:

  1. Arduino Mega
  2. HC-05 Bluetooth module
  3. RTC (DS1307)

I was successful in making a basic dashboard, which allows me to adjust the brightness of each channel of LED. But am not able to achieve Dawn to Dusk effect. I wanted to have an option which allows me to run the dawn to dusk mode by itself in ardunio without any access to BLYNK app, but when i need to do some photography and need some specific color combination I can run a Demo mode in BLYNK app which removes the LED’s from the dawn to dusk mode to Demo mode and visa versa.

could you please help.

For the dusk-to-dawn, look at @Costas EziScheduler and use it together with RTC and Time Input widgets. To toggle between “schedule” and “demo” mode, I guess a simple virtual button would do. E.g. “ON” the scheduler runs whatever is specified in the function, “OFF” just ignores it.

The much liked EziScheduler :+1: can be found here:

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Check out the code here, I think this is kind of what you are looking for.