Help me! Bridge Serial Print

I would like to make a connection between 5 NODEMCUs with the help of Blynk Bridge. I have read a lot about the Community, but I have not found what I need. in fact, I would like to send strings between the various NODEMCUs when a specific action takes place. Example: I have 5 NODE A-B-C-D-E when A detects a temperature> 28 C ° it must send a string to the NODE D string type “temperature ok” or If E raises the awning it sends a string to the A-C-D type “Raise awning ok” string. Can you make a project like this? If so where can I take some examples to study it? Thanks so much

My choice is to use a Raspberry Pi running Node-Red and Mosquitto.

My NodeMCU devices send MQTT messages to the Mosquitto MQTT broker, and then on to Node-Red (which is a visual programming environment that allows you to take actions when MQTT messages arrive).
There’s a great Blynk plug-in for Node-Red that allows you to integrate with Blynk and read/write from and to widgets in your app.

I don’t run any Blynk specific code on my NodeMCU devices, just code that subscribes to specific MQTT topics and takes actions when certain messages are received, and sends MQTT messages back to Node-Red with data such as temperature, humidity etc.

I currently have around 14 NodeMCU/ESP8266 devices in my home automation system that control lights, door entry, 433MHz gateways, Infrared gateways, Nextion touch screens and indoor/outdoor temperature and weather data.
As well as Blynk integration, Node-Red gives Amazon Alexa integration that allows me to control devices through voice control, whilst keeping Blynk updated at the same time.


My configuration of DOmotica is composed of Arduino, Nodemcu and Google Home. So I need a solution that works with my configuration

There are Google Home plug-ins for Node-Red as well, and your other devices would work perfectly with Node-Red.


You should be able to accomplish this with the Bridge widget.

Take a look at THIS, along with the docs and the example on the Sketch builder.

Although I would probably send a value then have that in turn display the string