I have made some progression over the last few days but would like to follow up on some examples.
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Can someone point me in the right direction please? is the old Blynk Legacy site, and is now decommissioned.

The best place to look for Blynk examples are either the Sketch Builder (link at the top of this page) or the examples installed when you installed the library. In the Arduino IDE these are accessed via File > Examples > Blynk

In you previous post you were using a Wemos D1 Mini, so a link to an example for an Arduino board using an ESP8266 as a WiFi shield (which is a rather prehistoric hardware solution for an IoT system) would be of no value.

I’ve noticed a tend in your posts - to provide the absolute minimum of information.
You’d be far better to share more information about the broader picture of what you are trying to achieve and why, you’ll get far more useful assistance that way.


Thank you

No problem.
If you are using the Wemos D1 Mini or D1 Mini Pro (my favourite boards for most simple applications) then you might want to read this…

And if you’re trying to use them with Edgent then you should probably read this too…

If the D1 Mini doesn’t have enough useable pins then I’d reccomend going to the ESP32 rather than an Uno or Mega based solution.