Help about status of my project

image Hi all im new in the forum and sorry for my bad English the problem i want to know how to install magnetic switch to give me the status of opening and closing windows like garage and i all ready begand the project know i have the ability to open and close the windows but i can’t find how to install the magnetic switch i choose in blynk LED for the status it give me V1/2/3/4 …
2. forget to tell u i don’t understand coddling i just take the code from arduino soft how to switch on of led blynk library


Hi iwant do the same think in 2 windows like garage i all ready controle (open /close) the windows but the problem is the magnetic senser switch i create led widget in blynk app te see the status of the windows but it give me virtual pin and i dont have the knowledge to write codes of that please can some one help about that and i also want to installe an other magnet senser in the door to get notification if the door is open thanks a lot for your help
I have esp32/8266 for this project

Posting a “please help me, I can’t write code” request on to the end of a 4 year old project (which incidentally was written in Python) isn’t food forum etiquette, so I’ve moved you post on to the end of your own topic about the same issue.

If you want help with how to install limit/status switches on your motorised persianas the I’d suggest that you do some reading of these topics: