Graphs not showing two datastreams in Android App

After upgrading the app to the latest version, I have lost some functionality. Before I have a graph with two datastreams in a SuperChart, and when setting it to full screen, I could see both graphs at the same time (well, it should show both in normal mode, but at least in full screen it did). With the same configuration, now I can only see the first datastream, even in full screen mode.

If I enter the settings mode and edit that SuperChart instance, all is configured like before, and in fact, the preview shows both graphs, but once in operational mode, it only shows one datastream. Is this some known bug?

Hello @ssanmor.

Android or iOS app?
What version you use? If you don’t know your version, please read Recommendations for creating a new topic in Forum

Also, if possible, please add screenshots


We are talking about Android (as the title says :wink:
Version is 1.13.7 16/10/2023.
Not a lot to depict in screenshots, simply the supercharts only show the first datastream, the second one doesn’t appear even in the title or scale. In the settings mode, both datastreams are added and shown in the preview.
No changes in code or setup, just forcedly updated the App a few days ago.

Hi @ssanmor ,

Please specify which plan you are using?

Hello, Dimitry.
By the moment I am using a Free plan since July 2022. I haven’t changed this plan and it worked before. Has this changed?

On the free plan, only one datastream is available in the superchart widget

I was kind of expecting that answer when you asked me.
However, it was working until some days ago when I updated the app. Is this a new limitation to Free plans?

No, only one datatrim was always available on the free plan. These are just bug fixes.

Well, it was working with two datastreams before for 1 year+ (only in full screen mode). I have always used the Free dataplan ¿¿??

I assume that you used the version of the application without a fix and did not update the application. Therefore, you had access to 2 datastreams in full screen mode.