Google Home (?

I’m not Blynk staff, I just voluntarily moderate the forum and have no inside information.

The Blynk developers read the posts on the forum and if they have anything to contribute then they will, so probably best to sit back and wait for an answer or an announcement.


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Ok, sorry my bad <3

I am too waiting for this


If you would like to use alexa or google assistant with blynk then IFTTT is a good choice, or you can use node-red which is an excellent, better, and more recommended choice.

Yes John correct
Previously I use Blynk legency and IFTTT for Google Assistant it was working very well no issue when I try to use Blynk 2.0 it will won’t work for me


Check this out

Hello. Unfortunately we can not provide any information about google integration now. But i think it will happen one day :wink: Stay with Blynk.

Maybe you should change the website where it says “Alexa and Google Home (coming soon)” to “maybe coming one day”? :smiley:



I agree. It would be good to have some kind of timeline instead of just coming soon. As someone planning to use Bkynk for business purposes it would be good to have a timeline to tell customers.

They would have to say it, since that was what convinced me to buy blynk, I am very frustrated with the change in focus of BLYNK, now that it is all more “business” I do not like reality …

I was just using blynk to make my house SMART and now I have to have a lot of dashboards to be able to do it.

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You still can use other solutions like IFTTT or Node-RED etc.

Double payment

The Node-RED is free

Is not going to be free forever I was very happy when blynk introduce pay plan so that we will enjoy all this staff but look at what they are given out

What is smart home without voice control and they’re busy designing different thing all together

If you open blynk 2.0 app first thing you see is a disgrace my brother some square box as a template really

Blynk should be serving as example to other clouds because is old and reliable
Now that we are paying look at what we get

We other continent are working hard to pay because the dollar doesn’t favour as

If you’re talking about Node-Red then I think you’re mistaken, and you should go and talk to Nick O’Leary before you make statements like that.


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i pay Blynk, i pay IFTTT , other more need paid ? -.-

btw you have any guide about Node-RED and blynk ? i never touch node-red.

Check this topic

You probably don’t need IFTTT if you use Node-Red, but it depends what you’re using IFTTT for.

I’d recommend running your own Node-Red/MQTT server on something like a Raspberry Pi, so there is a hardware cost associated with that, but the software is free.


I think there is a bit of a disconnect here. I am sure using IFTTT and Node-Red are options (I am not sure if they are great options for business purposes? Maybe they are?), but Google Home/Alexa integration is supposed to be included in the Blynk cost (Plus and above) “soon”. Using a 3rd Party service to do something that is supposed to be included isn’t really a solution.

I am (and I think others) are just wondering what kind of timeline we are looking at for this feature to be available, and if possible what functions will be available.

I don’t think it’s too much to ask for some kind of guidance considering we are paying for a service, and it is advertised as being something that will be included.

@PeteKnight thanks for your help in answering the questions you can, I understand that this information needs to come from someone directly at Blynk.

Thanks and hopefully we get some information soon!

Hey, I have an update on this feature, (Google Home and Alexa integration) and I thought it was only right to share it so anyone interested has the information.

From what I was told this feature will not be ready soon. I asked for a general timeline (Q2, Q3, etc) but wasn’t given one.

This feature is ready for White Label customers but I was told this a completely different setup to the regular Blynk IoT (Plus, Pro, etc).

If you are using or planning to use Blynk for a commercial project I would not recommend using Google Home or Alexa integration as a selling feature at this point (unless using White Label). I know personally I will not be mentioning it.

Hopefully this helps provide some information for some users.