Google Home integration?

Hi guys

Any idea about google home support in blynk?
I subscribed last year because it was announced « soon » but still nothing!


Its available under white lable plan.

This has been going on for a long time, well over 1 year as you mentioned. I just saw the new e-mail and then checked the pricing page and Google Home and Alexa are now no longer even an “add-on” for PRO. On the business plan it is now an add-on instead of included like I believe it was before. Just fyi, moving target.

On pricing page it’s mentioned “add on coming soon” for plus and pro plan.

I think they are facing issues on how to integrate this feature. Because its not available for free plan.

That is why the add on is taking so much time to be introduced.

Just my assumption.


It 100% used to say that, but I just checked before my post and it is no longer there (unless it’s changed again lol) Now both Plus and Pro show “-” meaning it’s not an option anymore as far as I understand.

Yes, I remember reading that. But it has been mentioned as something for Pro for well over a year and now they have removed it.

Anyway, honestly we have moved on/given up on adding it to our product. I’m just answering the question.

Me too. I’ve been using a Node-Red plug-in to give me Alexa integration since Legacy days, so I most probably wouldn’t use the Blynk functionality anyway.