Google asistance

how can i findmy ip
and how can i use google by ifttt

@mohamad-reza you need to configure IFTTT tonrepsond to the Google Asst and plug in the URL you have used as a Webhooks. I’ve been using it so for a very long time.

my problem is in webhooks from ulr
this is my ulr but i am not sure about the ip how can i find io blynk cloud
(" 21dca544d3df489287c3c2b031fc81c7/pin/D5)
it is not work

Try reading this:


Okay when i add webhoos can you sure me what should i use in ulr how can find my ip and token is token of my project in blink

Okay i have it and i hace blynk botten raley project can you show me how can i add this project

Add what to your project?
What is your project supposed to do, where is your code, what hardware are you using, what are you trying to achieve?