GET/PUT command to write data in Virtual Pins

Hello blynkers.
I need to write a value in a virtual pin using GET or any method. However, using the examples from the Blynk Documentation, I could not reach the goal. With this sentence, I need to fix a value.

There is some way to set a value from a variable? For example:


Hey there,
Are you using blynk IOT or legacy ?

The API expects a string as the value.
If you explain more about how, and why, you are using the API then we may be able to assist.
For example, is this a data write from IFTTT, or a similar service, or from another device?

If the API call is being made from a different physical location then you may need to take precautions to avoid Geo DNS issues.


Hello John,

I’m using the Legacy (old version).
I can exchange information between arduinos , alexas and nodered. However, for this setpoint, I can use only fixed values.
Just to explain better, I want to say to Alexa to set a Setpoint to my temperature. So Alexa set a variable called SETPOINT.
With the value in Setpoint, I want to write on pin V17 that is my virtual pin.

Hello PeteKnight, thanks for helping.

I’m doing a project where I’m getting a setpoint for temperature from Alexa.
Up to now, I’m getting the value from Alexa and I could write to a variable called Setpoint in node red.
When I debug the program, I can see the value , however, now I need to write this value to V17 in the BlynkCloud. And this is where I stopped.

Are you using Node-RED with blynk plugin ?

Using Node-red with HTTP request…
Do we have a pallet for Blynk?

Yes, as @John93 says, it’s much easier if you use the Blynk ws contrib (for Levacy) or the Blynk IoT contrib for B,Hank IoT.

You might find this useful…


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Everything working fine !!! Thanks a lot.

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Pete, thanks a lot, now things are working.

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