Gauge widget "zero" centered... and more

Guys, what about gauge widget with ‘0’ centered, capable of correctly displaying negatives? Current implementation isn’t friendly for negatives at all.

ALSO, what I think, gauge is EITHER too large, OR too “empty”.Personally I’d prefer SMALLER widget, perhaps with slightly scaled down scale-line. I’m not a graphics-master, so excuse me words instead graphics.

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Doesn’t gauge display negatives?

Thanks @Dmitriy for looking at topic :slight_smile: Yes, it accepts negatives as min/max, but when set (for example) MIN: -10, MAX: +10 and the value received is +5, then the graph is created from -10 (the MIN), passing ‘zero’, and stops at +5. Not a real “zero centered” gauge display. A typical use scenario is off course an energy monitor, when during charging a current flows from circuit to battery, and the opposite during discharging. Sure, a gauge is not “a must have”, there is always a display widget… One can create even a “digital gauge” using LCD widget, but IMHO a gauge should be as real as it can be.

Other scenarios:

  1. a pressure change indicator (drop or rise)
  2. a level deviation indicator (can be setup as degree angle)
  3. a voltage meter (with mcp3304 for example)
  4. etc…

As an example: A gauge cannot be setup the way the picture ilustrates :stuck_out_tongue: :

@Dmitriy, but this one is still not introduced/fixed. Look at the picture:

I was asking for it a year ago:

@marvin7 Please don’t tack your issue into someone else’s topic… just carry on with the topic you already have :wink: (I moved your post)

Yup… a bad habit… sorry

I felt you gonna do it… :stuck_out_tongue:

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The force is strong in you :stuck_out_tongue:

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@marvin7 too many other tasks. sorry.

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Sure! It’s just a reminder…


JK @Dmitriy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: You work very hard, as evidenced by all the advances in Blynk :+1:


In the meantime… I can suggest something like this for your needs

Yes, I figured it out, but decided to left it just with numbers. Currently this project is N/A. THEY just burned the transformer powering it (a battery pulse charger) :rage: I know… If it was possible to burn the transformer, then this was my design fault. :flushed: