New Android Release 2.2.0-2.3.0

HTML on the Email Working? :grin:

Will be available after deploy tomorrow. Or in case of local server you can take latest build.

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I can make them bigger but not smaller.

Thanks for new resize feature. I love it! It is very useful because now I can reorganize my project boards. Much more confortable and we can save important spaces.

As I see, LED widget is not resizable yet but it would be useful in some cases if we would use bigger LEDs.

May some Blynker did not know (I tried it first too) that we can move widgets between tabs if drag the widget over target tab label. Thanks to Blynk developer team for UI improvements too!

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Yes. There are still some limitations. As any resize make influence on UI and UX. So we have to be careful here. So Blynk could be still fancy and nice :wink:.

I agree and appreciate you and the Blynk team in making it as wonderful as it is and as it will become.

Thank You

can we change the font size ?

the numbers in the centre of the gauge are smaller than the small display widget numbers (Sony Z3C)

@Pavel what do you think?

@Pavel what do you think about LED’s resizing?

Added Vertical Slider to latest update.

@Dmitriy pls don’t forget the IOS community :cry: , I know you guys working hard behind the scenes on IOS; having a parallel & synced release path is so important as users are typically a mix of both platforms (understanding the slight release delay times with apple vs google)

Great work !
It can make a screen much more beautiful.
Are there any ideas about tablets with landscape mode yet?
Landscape mode is especially important for tablets because a tablet holder will allways keep the tablet in landscape orientation on a desk.

Happy new year to all !

We’ll hold on with LED resizing for now, but gauge font size can be equal to the Value display size. I think it’s a nice catch :wink:


Could we resize the button size smaller than normal size?
There is a little big for button normal size.

i would also love some 2X1 small buttons!


@skyforce @Dave1829 all requests regarding button size should go directly to @Pavel :slight_smile:

Great to have resizeable widgets in APP! But still the gauge widget. :sweat: My topic about it has been “lost” in the crowd, so here’s the link to it: Gauge widget “zero” centered... and more @Pavel, @Dmitriy… please guys keep it somewhere on the desk. Now when widgets are resizeable this one certainly should be bit smaller. And the “zero-center” option…

Found a slight inconsistency in the visual design. The original small button looks like this when ON:

but when stretched it looks like this:

The small border is missing.

I just discovered that my fingers can slip while resizing a slider (them sliders are slick :wink: ) and my slider disappeared? Oh well, I go to replace it, but the virtual pin it used was still busy??

Turns out you can resize these things into another dimension :astonished: Well actually I just resized it into the negatives… A simple removal via the Administration Page (Yay Local Server) and I was able to recreate it. :+1:

@Gunner Thanks. We aware of this one.

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