Free Energy for your projects


@wanek “my method” probably doesn’t work because the OP doesn’t have CC / Paypal, possibly due to the same sanctions.

Can I PM my credentials to you too? :slight_smile:


yes you can. at least i will have acces to another account with lots of energy to build my new projects :)) than maybe i will hack the app somehow to transfer all your energy to my account :smile:


“Blynk the Planet!”


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if anybody is still looking for a tutorial: I have created an IoT/Smart Products tutorial on Udemy. I am using the following set-up: ESP32 BLE Blynk
This should work with IOS and Android. As this forum helped me a lot in the past I have created a free link for this forum, so for a restricted time and number of users it will be free:
Also when this expires, feel free to send a PM for a free code. I hope that I can give back some of the help that I got in the past in this way. For the free of charge users: please leave a review/rating after taking the course.
Have a good day!


thanks for Free Course.
You are doing grate work